Lauren's Rosebush Review

Lauren's Rosebush Review

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Atomic: Lauren

Age: 18


Rosebush begins with an account of what is completely true of non-fictional teenage girls, their behaviour, mannerisms and relationships. But as the storyline gets deeper and more personal to the enigma of the narrator, and how she is going seemingly crazy, the author also gives the reader a maddening sensation as they attempt in vain to decipher the truth with a selection of leads that always connect to something unexpected, alongside the narrator, Jane.

Michele Jaffe, through her genius storyline and use of words, keeps the readers attention by leaking only the perfect amount of information throughout – I just couldn't get enough of the story, and when it ended I wanted more!

The only fault that I picked up on, was that the story ended, but there was no explanation on what happened to two of the leading characters, Kate and David- but I'm really hoping that this is because there will be a sequel?!

The book is not appropriate for a younger audience, the youngest reader should be around 16 due to language and certain innuendos, however it is more aimed toward an audience aged around 17- 20, but an older generation would certainly enjoy the content too!

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