Lauren's Review of Die For Me

Lauren's Review of Die For Me

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Atomic: Lauren

Age: 16

The book Die For Me by Amy Plum exceeded my expectations! The front cover illustrates the story really well and the colours and picture would have attracted me in a shop. The font and amount of black suggest a darkness about the book which is seen when read. Amy Plum's idea of a zombie romance is an inspired and genius idea! The revelation came as a shock and made a brilliant twist. It was also interesting how she twisted zombies so the love story worked. The main character, Kate, is perfect for the main heroine. She's independent, loves her family and fits with the usual dark fantasy genre leading girl, that it wouldn't normally be her to get the guy. Also Kate does have a fault which meant that I connected with her. The audience would not like a 'perfect' heroine as it isn't realistic! Lastly Kate's love for reading makes and instant connection with the audience because we love books too! Vincent was the perfect leading man, he was dark, mysterious, good looking with his own secrets. The two made a brilliant couple and you wanted them to get back together!

Overall the book was cleverly thought off and was full of twists kept made me want to read on. The realistic characters along with the mystery and supernatural zombies made the perfect combination I strongly recommended this book to lovers of dark fantasy and I can't wait for the next book by Amy Plum :)

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