Lauren's OSMUW Review

Lauren's OSMUW Review

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Atomic: Lauren

Age: 16

The book One Seriously Messed-Up Week by Tom Clempson I thought was definitely more for boys than girls; however I still found it immensely enjoyable. I loved the idea of the book mark! [NOTE FROM TEAM ATOM – if you want to see Tom’s bookmarks head to his website!] It acted like another blurb and hinted to the reader about the humour of the book!

I loved the humour in the book and thought it was the best quality about it. It made me laugh throughout and I believe everything would be able to relate to it. The main character Jack Samsonite, I also believe everyone could relate too. Obviously boys would be able to relate more to Jack as they share similar teenage problems, especially when it comes to girls. However, some of the events that happen to him, like his friendships, lessons and some of his embarrassing moments, girls could relate to as well. I also loved the character of James, he's the friend every person would want; he's there for his friends and he's a kind, genuine person. It also shows an important lesson as he seems like a bit of a nerd to begin with.

One fault with the book is that it was slightly predictable in places especially the end and the relationships which developed. However, the brilliant layout of the book I believe made up for it. Tom Clempson was extremely clever when putting it together! For example I loved the little warning at the beginning that only made sense at the end and the little random lists.

I did think some of the things Jack wrote were strange to write when a teacher would be reading it (even it is a cool teacher), however, it is all clear at the end. Overall the book was predictable but still amazing!! Out of the teenage drama books I have read this is one of the best. I would recommend reading it!

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