Lauren H's Review of OSMUW

Lauren H's Review of OSMUW

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Atomic: Lauren H

Age: 16

From the very first paragraph of reading the book I became immediately offended by the foul language of the author, and by the end of the book this feeling remained, as there does not appear to be a single page in which the author has not included an atrocious choice of wording.

While the book certainly has a very amusing element to it, I personally found myself blushing from embarrassment in case anyone were to discover to kind of thing I had been reading!

One Seriously Messed-Up Week is definitely a book which has been intended for male eyes only, being female I feel as if I have unknowingly trespassed some kind of secret male domain. Also, the minimal age for this book would certainly be 16, as the language, in my own opinion, is not suitable for any younger.

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