Keys to the Repository – sneaky peeks

Keys to the Repository – sneaky peeks

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Why is the latest instalment of Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series called Keys to the Repository? Because it reveals all sorts of juicy information about characters by showing us their files from the sacred Blue Bloods Repository!

On top of that, Melissa gives us some more detail about the Blue Bloods mythology and includes some amazing extra scenes…

(WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!: don’t read on if you’ve only just begun the series.)

Have you ever wanted to know how Schulyer and Jack got together? Have you ever wanted to know what Dylan got up to in his absence from Manhattan? Have you ever wanted to know when Mimi and Kingsley finally admitted their feelings for each other? Then this is the book for you! We adore how much detail Melissa has put into her companion guide, and we can’t wait for you all to see it.

To keep you going until the pub date, Melissa has been revealing little bits from the book on twitter, using #keyssneaks. Take a look at her page for them all (or ours – we’ve been manically retweeting!), but here are some of our faves:

  • With his cocky confidence, smoldering air of mystery and devastating good looks (SCRIBES: HAS VENATOR MARTIN HACKED THIS FILE?!) #keyssneaks
  • The boy's skin was blue, his hair caked with filth…he was bound with iron shackles. #keyssneaks
  • She could always tell when he had been rowing; could smell the sea air on his skin, in his hair, his cheeks ruddy and flushed. #keyssneaks

Keys to the Repository is out on 29th June. Follow Melissa and Atom on twitter: @MelissadelaCruz, @AtomBooks

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