Kady's Rosebush Review

Kady's Rosebush Review

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Atomic: Kady

Age: 18

When I got the email about Rosebush from Atom, it sounded right up my street so I expressed an interest in reading and reviewing. I was lucky enough to be chosen and it was indeed right up my street. I couldn't put it down.

Jane is the typical popular girl in high school. She's has amazing friends, a great boyfriend, she's smart, she loves photography, basically she has it all. Though everything is not as it seems. She goes to a party with her friends Kate and Langley . . . the next thing she knows she wakes up in a hospital bed, victim of a hit and run. She has no recollection of the accident, but is it an accident? While stuck in the hospital, her memories slowly returning, she realises the stories from her friends don't add up. And now she knows one of her friends is not her friend but an enemy, and was trying to kill her. One of them still is.

Throughout the story everyone becomes a suspect. Everyone is acting strange but why, everyone loves Jane? Or do they? The story sucks you into the mystery with every memory that comes to Jane, with every flash back the plot thickens. One minute you think you know who the killer is, the next it could be someone else. With that in mind it's a total page turner, you have to know what happens next. You will not be able to put this book down.

The main thing I loved about this book was how every character had a back story. No one was simply there just filling in. Each character was vital to the story. Also, how it made you not trust anybody, unaware until the last minute of whether Jane is hallucinating or not, even makes you question the main character. Once again adding to the mystery.

My favourite aspect of the book by far was the afterword. I adore how the afterword was simply the description of a photo, in fact, one of the strong points of the book as a whole is how descriptive it is. Photography being something personal to Jane and important throughout the story, I thought it was the best way to tie everything up. It was just perfect. It stays with you long after you have turned the last page.

Rosebush is at first glance a mystery but as you read on it explores many things, romance, sexuality, the struggle of high school, drinking, drugs, divorce and much more. It covers literally everything. A gripping story line coated in mystery with extremely well developed likeable but deceiving characters, make Rosebush a book I urge everyone to read!

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