Kachina's Review of OSMUW

Kachina's Review of OSMUW

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Atomic: Kachina

Age: 15

From the beginning of the book it has you hooked on its witty writing style, and that’s only from the introduction. Jack's top 3 aims in the blurb gets you interested it what madness he could get himself in just by those 3 things.

You will definitely find this book right up your alley if you enjoy books with madness and mayhem at their hearts, you may even learn words that don’t yet have a place in the dictionary . . . nob ache . . . cough . . . ;)

I, myself really enjoyed the book as a way of winding down and relaxing after having teachers breathing down my neck at school or even to escape into my own world for a few hours.

The cover of the book is almost like a window into the heart of the book with it being set out as if things are mayhem and it works really well with the plot and story line of the book.

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