Jodie's Nightshade Review

Jodie's Nightshade Review

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Atomic: Jodie
Age: 18

Unique, engrossing, real, entertaining: all words which came to mind every time l picked this book up.

This is one of those books I find hard to pick a single fault with. The characters felt very real which is such a big thing for me, often in books the characters just don’t feel real which has meant I struggled to get into the book. This book was the total opposite, Calla is stuck between her mind and heart many times in this book and you are constantly wondering which one she is going to listen to. Her feelings felt very genuine, her confusion, her thoughts and actions are all ones which I can imagine doing in her situation.

I don’t think l have read a book like this in a while, the complete mystery about this book makes it so engrossing, you never know what’s going to happen next with each character and what’s going to be revealed. It’s quite a big book, over 400 pages but yet the book was constantly keeping you gripped with more and more action in every chapter which seems to come from nowhere.

 This book was totally unique and pure genius; the world which Andrea has created is breathtaking and new interesting things come out throughout this book right until the end. The writing is fantastic and although I found myself confused at some points everything was explained to me (the reader) at the right time.

This is a must-read and I totally recommend it to any paranormal fans. This book introduces you to a whole new world which you feel you become part of!

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