Jamie-Leigh's Rosebush Review

Jamie-Leigh's Rosebush Review

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Atomic: Jamie-Leigh

Age: 16


Rosebush is a thrilling story about love, betrayal and jealousy. The narrator of the book, Jane, finds herself in ICU after a hit and run accident with no memory of what happened. The only thing that Jane knows is that one of her friends was trying to kill her and one of them still is.

As Jane gets her memories back, ghosts from her past are quickly catching up and we are shown what her life is really like. The book is not set in one time; it moves from past back to future, as Jane remembers bits of the night before.

In my opinion, Rosebush is definitely worth a read. I really enjoyed the mystery in the book along with Jane’s tangled love story. So read Rosebush and discover that the truth is sometimes a thorny thing.

Four stars.

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