Hope's Review of OSMUW

Hope's Review of OSMUW

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Atomic: Hope

Age: 16

 One Seriously Messed-Up Week I would say is a book for boys, well I found it funny, to a point, I found its repetitious humour about his ‘boy problems’ a bit tiresome at times. It is not going to be a book loved by everyone, meaning myself, there is quite a bit of swearing which I don’t mind, but the conversation about how you wipe your bum was horrible…

Jack was a funny narrator but I got fed up with him talking about his 'you-know-what' Each of his days got to the point of being similar and I found it quite long winded. Any boy, or someone who likes the humour of teenage boys will love this book. I liked his relationships with other students and his hilarious drama sketches!

I liked the ending though, it brought itself back to being an okay book. If you want a book that will make you laugh out loud or 'get milk coming out of your nose' then this is a book you will enjoy.

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