Hope's Review of Die For Me

Hope's Review of Die For Me

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Atomic: Hope

Age: 16


About three things I was absolutely positive.

First, Vincent was a revenant.

Second, there was a part of him – A very big part of him – That made him want to jump in front of every passing bus to save someone.

And third, he was beautiful and amazing and had a lot of money and was amazing and beautiful and amazing.

Okay saying that it just reminded me of Twilight isn’t completely true. To begin with Die For Me reminded me of the story of Bella Swan, but then it changed my mind.

Die For Me is about a girl Kate and her sister Georgia, who suddenly become orphans and have to move to go and live with their grandparents, in Paris. The most beautiful – and safest – city in the world, or so they say. Here Kate becomes depressed; she misses everything about her old life and is stuck in this new one.  

So what happens when walking in the streets Kate and Georgia see a fight, a mysterious man jumping into the water after someone, nearly getting hit by a car and swords? After this unusual occurrence things go back to normal with Kate, she goes back to missing her parents.  

Kate realises she can’t be like this forever. So the one thing that can make any girl happy, hot French guys!  But out of all the hot French guys Kate could have a fondness to; it had to be the dead one. After a few passing glances and a confrontation, Vincent is all that’s on Kate’s mind.

As Vincent and Kate become closer, things get weirder. Finding out that your boyfriend died a long time before you were born, that every time he saves someone from dying he wakes up again at age 17, that he can become a ghost thing and could be near you at any time (in the two days he is in ghost thing form). That can put a bit of pressure on the relationship. But once they realise how much trouble they are in there’s no way going back.

I really enjoyed Die For Me. I really liked the depth into the other characters’ story lines, how we were told about the time when some of the characters died, how they died in different wars. Vincent’s tale with Lucien and their fight through time starting in their human life. It couldn’t have been set in a more beautiful place with the romantic, settings of quiet cafés in Paris and private courtyards and romantic boat trips. It’s a truly romantic book, a fantasy for any teenage girl, especially me.

This book made me want to move to Paris and find a hot French guy, preferably not a dead one but I’m not too fussed. The idea of the revenants was a new idea to me and it really interested me how they died for other people and they were the ‘guardian angels’ of the human’s.

I recommend this book to any fantasy reader, or well to any reader, the descriptions and settings are beautiful, the plot lines are vast and in-depth and overall it is an amazing book.

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