Hanna's Nightshade Review

Hanna's Nightshade Review

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Atomic: Hanna
Age: 12

Nightshade is a very unique book. It is beautiful outside, I always admire it. But right when I began reading, I realised it was also beautiful inside!

Calla is a very strong character. She is careful about everything and being an alpha means she always feels like she has to endure a lot of things. Even when she isn't exactly happy, she puts her pack first. She is tested heavily in the book, but she is a fighter and never quits. The Nightshades and the Banes are a fun group, even if they initially dislike each other. They make me feel like having a pack of my own! There are other characters to watch out for like the keepers and the wraiths, who are interesting but to prevent spoilers, you have to read the book to find out!

I love the romance! Shay and Ren are both really nice and are perfect in their own ways with Calla. They are both given enough time to interact with her so their chemistry with Calla is really seen in the pages of the book. As readers we can see how she reacts to them and what she feels for them and because it's so balanced it is quite difficult to choose sides. There is a lot of tension in the romance, which only adds to the overall tension in the book.

There is also a lot of mystery and suspense surrounding the plot. The idea of the relationships between guardians and keepers is unique and full of surprises and the laws that bind them together are very strict. If broken, consequences come up so when Calla breaks the rules… I did not know whether to be afraid for Calla or admire her being very brave. I also did not think what happened will happen, so there are a lot of surprises in the book that readers will surely adore! Plus, there are dramas between the Nightshade pack and the Bane pack which are both funny and sad. Readers will love it all I'm sure!

Nightshade will really keep you reading until the end.

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