Ebun's Nightshade Review

Ebun's Nightshade Review

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Atomic: Ebun
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Having finished Nightshade into two days, I think it goes without saying that this was a fabulous read. It seems that these days there are so many supernatural stories around that we seen and read it all so what is so special about Nightshade? For starters, the protagonist is a strong female character which shows that girls in books aren’t always Cinderellas. Sometimes they can be the one to do the rescuing! There is also a classic love triangle between Shay, Calla and Ren. What would any book be with that big question on everyone’s lips? Ren or Shay?

Another great thing about this book was that it centred completely on werewolves and their traditions. It combined hierarchy, power and love in such a way that it almost seemed real. Such a history has never been created before. There were also some completely unfamiliar and original creatures amongst these new and powerful wolfs such as the frightening wraiths and the chilling Guardians. The interesting thing about this novel is that the werewolves are not at the top of the hierarchy and that they are in fact controlled by the guardians. This relationship is interdependent however and leads to disastrous results as well as cruelty and control to other members of the wolf packs.

I loved how this story wasn’t just about the main three characters. The supporting characters were so likeable and really added to the storyline. They added comedy, romance and strength to the lead characters and lightened the eeriness and edge.

Personally I am undecided about which team I am on. Why? Well because although Ren could be controlling and plain rude, he also obviously craved Calla’s affection and didn’t ever manage to have it. Shay on the other hand is sweet and quite brave but at times I felt he got too attached too quickly to Calla. Ren had been brought up to love her but never received that love in return. He also defended Calla and is a strong, intelligent guy. Shay is adorable though and is where Calla’s heart really lies. After all who would want to be forced to marry someone because of duty and not love? Is there really a right answer? All I can say is I definitely can’t wait to read the next instalment after that unexpected ending! What happened? You’ll have to find out for yourself. All I can say is, see you in the queue in the nearest bookshop!

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