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So, everyone’s talking about ebooks. What are they and why should I read one?

Ebooks are electronic books designed to be read on ereaders, tablets, computer screens, mobile phones or other electronic devices.

That’s right. Even though ereaders are great – portable, light and hold thousands of books – you can also read ebooks on your mobile phone, laptop or PC. So if you don’t have the cash to splash on a new ereader, you can still enjoy reading ebooks.

Downloading an ebook is really easy. There are lots of different ereaders including the Amazon Kindle, Sony PRS and Kobo ranges, so do check individual retailers’ websites for specific instructions, but essentially it takes four simple steps:

• Find an Atom title you want to read

• Choose an ebook retailer to buy from (for a full list of retailers, click here)

• Set up an account/enter your details (you’ll need permission from a parent or guardian to use their credit card for this)

• Make the purchase and send the ebook to your ereader or the ereading app on your smartphone or computer program

There are lots of reasons why you might prefer to read ebooks:

• They can be downloaded in moments, so you don’t have to wait for delivery before diving into the story

• Even on small devices you can store lots of ebooks – no more lugging around lots of heavy books in your schoolbag or suitcase!

• Many devices allow you to change the fonts and font sizes, search the text and make notes in your ebooks


How can I buy Atom ebooks?

Atom ebooks are available from a number of ebooks vendors. For a full list please click here.


Do I have to be online to read an ebook?

Nope. Once you’ve downloaded an ebook you can read it even if you’re not connected to the internet. However, you do have to be online to make your purchase. Most downloads only take a few minutes to complete, and can take as little as a few seconds! This will depend on the file size of the ebook you’re downloading and the speed of your internet connection.


I’ve found errors in my ebook, what do I do?

Ooops, sorry! We do take every care to make sure our ebooks are ship-shape when we make them available. However, some errors do slip through. If this has happened with one of your ebooks from us, drop us a line at atom@littlebrown.co.uk telling us which title it is and giving details of the errors. We will then fix them as quickly as possible and you will be able to download a corrected version at no extra cost.

We’ve also found that some ‘system’ errors – such as the ebook not opening – can be fixed simply by re-downloading to your device or computer. Check with your retailer for details on how to do this.


I’m having problems with my Atom ebook and none of the answers above help. Who can I contact?

If you’re having a problem that isn’t addressed in the answers above, do feel free to drop us a line at atom@littlebrown.co.uk. To help us help you, please give as much information about your problem as possible, including:

Where you bought it from and when
What device you use
The exact error message (if applicable)
We’ll then look into your problem and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Ebook Vendors

Atom ebooks are available from the following retailers in the United Kingdom

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