Dragon's Oath Teaser 2

Dragon's Oath Teaser 2

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It's time for another teaser from the new House of Night Novella, Dragon's Oath, by P.C. and Kristin Cast! We can't decide if we're being horribly cruel or amazingly generous in letting you see these…but there's not too long to wait now as the novella is out on 12th July!

Did you miss the first quote? You can find it here.

“If you were more mature you would care about others feelings.”

He scowled. “Really? I’m almost twenty.” Dragon paused and looked her up and down appraisingly. “How old are you?”

“Twenty-two,” she said, lifting her chin.

“Twenty-two! That’s too young to be a professor and too young to be lecturing me on being more mature.”

“And yet I am your Professor of Spells and Rituals, and someone should lecture you about what you would be if you acted older. Who knows, with a little guidance you might grow up and be a Warrior of integrity and honor.”

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