Destined available in paperback today!

Destined available in paperback today!

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Zoey is finally home where she belongs, safe with her Guardian Warrior, Stark, by her side, and preparing to face off against Neferet – which would be a whole lot easier if the High Counsel saw the ex-High Priestess for what she really is.

But there are new forces at work at the House of Night. An influx of humans threatens their precarious stability. And then there's the mysterious Aurox, a jaw-droppingly gorgeous boy who is actually more – or possibly less – than human. Only Zoey can sense the compassion that wars with his Dark calling.

Will Neferet's true nature be revealed before she succeeds in silencing them all? And will Zoey be able to touch Aurox's humanity in time to protect him – and everyone – from his own fate?

Destined, Book 9 in the international bestselling House of Night series, is available in paperback today.

Hidden, the brand new hardback, publishes in October with a gorgeous new cover style. More details and competitions to come soon!

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