Demelza's Review of Panic

Demelza's Review of Panic

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Atomic: Demelza

Age: 16

My opinion of Panic: The Ultimate Edition is that overall it has a very interesting, original plotline. However, I did find some parts a little bit confusing at times, especially towards the end where it was hard to keep up with the plot. This was resolved in the final chapter though, which was a nice way to sum up the whole book, with a twist in the ending.

One thing I found about this book was that the writing style is very simple without giving elaborate details or description of the surroundings or the events that take place. Maybe this is because the author (who is used to writing for adults) has tried to simplify his writing for the younger audience? In a way this does add to the book though, as I imagine this is how Evan – the main character – would see the events that take place from a film-making point of view, which adds to the depth of character.

Ultimately this book wasn’t really for me, but I can see it as being a very good novel for lovers of the genre who like to be intrigued by a complicated plot-line.

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