Cover Love: Nightshade

Cover Love: Nightshade

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Usually I have really great intentions to tell you guys all about a cover and the thought that went into it and then I start typing and it all just devolves into pretty.

So! We shall turn that around because while the cover for Andrea Cremer's fantastic (seriously, you will not believe how fantastic it is) NIGHTSHADE is pretty its so much more as well. I should say that we can't take much of the credit for this cover since it was designed by the talented people at Penguin US.

What I love about this cover the most (and I have to say 'the most' because there are so many things I love about it – not the least that awesome gothic purple) is the way that nothing is quite what it seems. The really gorgeous flowers are offset by the violence of the blood, the bold type is balanced by delicate floral florishes, the fierce girl has a very small but still cheeky smile. Everything is hinting at something more. I love it because that's exactly what Andrea's book does – gives you something amazing and makes you want to know, to read, to experience MORE about these characters and their world.

What do you guys think? Would this cover get NIGHTSHADE a place on your must-read shelf?

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