Ciara's Review of OSMUW

Ciara's Review of OSMUW

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Atomic: Ciara

Age: 14

I would first like to say, in my opinion, THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN FOR GUYS.

I don't mean that girls aren't allowed to read this book, just that as a girl myself some parts of this were reeeeally awkward to be reading . . . ahem.

I really enjoyed OSMUW, and I thought it was so real! Loads of authors at the moment kind of have all these teenage stereotypes that we all hate our family and only think about the opposite sex. Which yes, Jack (the protagonist) does, but he also talks quite a bit about his friends, and the way he deals with some stuff is pretty funny – if you read the book, look out for THE TWITCH: absolutely hilarious, my fave part of the whole book.

I would definitely recommend this book, but any girls, be WARNED: this book contains male themes. :)

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