Ciara's Review of Die For Me

Ciara's Review of Die For Me

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Atomic: Ciara

Age: 14

Die For Me is a story about a girl whose parents are killed in a car accident, so her (Kate) and her sister (Georgia) move to Paris to live with their grandparents. It's there that she meets Vincent . . .

I really liked Die For Me, and thought it was really good that Amy Plum went with the whole dangerous, forbidden, ‘I'm-a-bit-scary-and-shouldn't-really-be-involved-with-you’, but found a way to do it without making everyone vampires. There is so much vamp-ness around in books at the moment that I reeeeeeally loved and enjoyed Die For Me in the same way but it was definitely different to other books I've read recently. I think anyone who liked the Twilight series (or anything else kind of dark, with a bit of romance and some action thrown in) would enjoy Die For Me.

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