Christi Daugherty's World Book Night Choice

Christi Daugherty's World Book Night Choice

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Debut author Christi Daugherty has stepped up to help us with our 'YA favourites' mini-series – and we have to say, we love her choices for books that she'd like everyone to have the chance to read! If you'd like to get involved with helping to choose books for the 2012 World Book Night giveaway of ONE MILLION (!) books, just head to

Christi's book, Night School, will be in shops early 2012 – click here to find out more.

When I was 15 I really got into S.E. Hinton – who wrote The Outsiders and Rumblefish. Rumblefish in particular just blew me away – its characters were so creative and, because of what was going on with my own family at the time, I could relate to their fractured families and financially squeezed lives. I was madly in love with Rusty James — he was such a rebel. When somebody makes a promise to me today I still quote Rusty (although usually only in my head):  'Sayin' ain't doin'.'

Around that same time I also read Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, because a boy I had a crush on liked it. I was blown away by the righteous anger of the main character — his loathing of 'phonies'; I hated phonies, too. That book just seethes with rage. I'm afraid I do remember reaching a point where I thought, 'Enough with the self-pity, Holden. Pull it together,' but Catcher is so beautifully written that it still takes my breath away.

Great eh? So far we've had choices from Jeff Abbott, Sarra Manning and Team Atom (ahem, that's us, y'know). Keep an eye on us to find out which of our authors is next!

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