Breaking Dawn Competition Part One

Breaking Dawn Competition Part One

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It’s official, the paperback of Breaking Dawn is finally on its way! And to celebrate this most awesome of awesomeness we’ll be holding a competition from now until the pub. date – that’s the 19th August for anyone who hasn’t got it in their diary yet…

Each week day (we love our jobs, but not enough to come in on a Saturday), we’ll be posting a new question about the Twilight Saga. Some serious, some silly, some which involve taking a picture or two, and all of which will provide you with the opportunity to win a lovely set of the Twilight Journals. All you have to do is respond to our question in the comments section below, and we’ll pick the one that makes us laugh/cry/shout hoorah the most as the winner. So get creative ladies and gents, we want nothing of the ‘please can I win because I’m nice’ variety. Hokay? Bonza.

Question numero uno:

             What are you secretly hoping will happen in Breaking Dawn?

(Or what were you hoping would happen before you read it, if you’ve managed to do so already! No spoilers though please…be kind to those have been waiting for the paperback!)

Go, go, go! We’ll pick the winner at 10am tomorrow just before we post the next question, so you’ve got this evening to respond!

Don't forget to read all our terms and conditions before you enter – NB this competition is only open to UK residents, sorry!

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