Beth's Nightshade Review

Beth's Nightshade Review

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Atomic: Beth
Age: 18

Nightshade reminds me of a kind of Romeo and Juliet romance with werewolves instead.

A highly imaginative tale of alpha heroes, forbidden love and a mysterious paranormal world, in which the humans play second fiddle to werewolves who are in turn separated into rival packs – Nightshades and Banes.

This society has its own hierarchy and top of all this are the Guardians and Keepers whose job it is to keep the wolves in check, protect their territory and ensure no rules are broken.

There’s a big event on the horizon – the ‘union’ of Calla Tor of the Nightshades and Ren Laroche of the Banes. However, things are not what they appear to be and Calla will have to make difficult decisions, not least whether it’s worth sacrificing her life for the love of a boy that is a human

I really liked this book and can’t wait to read Wolfsbane.

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