Ayan's Rosebush Review

Ayan's Rosebush Review

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Atomic: Ayan

Age: 13

I’d love to tell you every little thing that happens…but that’d be ruining it and there is no way in the entire world that I’d do that so I’ll just bore you with my thoughts.

Rosebush is amazing; there is so much suspense and speculation. It’s like Gossip Girl with an attempted murder thrown into it. The book was definitely my cup of tea.

Anyone who loves Gossip Girl or gossip in general and a good old (attempted) murder story will love this. It’s very descriptive and full of cliff-hangers.

The author keeps you guessing the entire time. I was thinking it was one person then something happens that leaves me thinking it was someone completely different.

I’d give the book 9/10 stars, because the ending left me sitting there wanting more.

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