Atom authors – leading the (virtual) pack – part one

Atom authors – leading the (virtual) pack – part one

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As we’ve just got our brand spangly new website (*thanks digital team, we heart you*) we thought we’d go site-crazy and share our wonderful authors’ sites with you!

They really beat us to it on this one, with a combination of blogging, interviews, and fabulous insight into the world of YA books! Because we’ve got so ruddy many digi-savvy authors we’ve had to split them up, and we’ll be highlighting a couple every day this week (well not quite every day, I need a weekend too you know). Here we go with your first instalment…

P. C. Cast is one half of the dynamic writing duo responsible for the House of Night. Together with her daughter Kristin, she has brought us Zoey (if we had to pick a character to be our BFF…) and a whole cast of vampyres like you’ve never seen them before. Her blog is a great way to keep up with what she’s doing – it’s not all HoN though, for that, see our special HoN website.

Michelle Zink is the author of Prophecy of the Sisters and its soon-to-be-released sequel, Guardian of the Gate. She not only talks about her own writing but also other YA, and has some wonderful features like ‘anonymous teen reader’.

And last, but clearly not least (!), there’s Stephenie Meyer’s site where she makes her announcements, runs competitions and has a brilliant FAQ section for each book. Don’t forget to visit her UK sitetoo!

Look out for part two – coming soon with more great author sites for endless procrastination!

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