Amy's Review of Die For Me

Amy's Review of Die For Me

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Atomic: Amy

Age: 13

When I first picked up my copy of Die For Me, the first thought that popped into me mind was ‘it’s a Gothic romance’, I couldn’t have been any more right! However, it wasn’t just your average ‘oh, he’s a vampire and I love him, but he wants to eat me’ story, it was much, much more . . .

It had a story-line that was fresh and the characters within the novel (aside from the humans) were -things?- we rarely hear of along side the ever-so-popular vampires, werewolves, witches etc.  These beings are called Revenants and are more undead than alive or even just plain dead – and no, they are not zombies!

I found it quite easy to settle into the story from the beginning although half-way through the story it seemed like the main character, a girl of 16 called Kate Mercier, had gotten almost everything she could have wished for: she live in the City of Light with the most handsome guy in the whole of France as her boyfriend, she had come out a depressive state and escaped a near-death experience but then . . .

The news she thought she could handle began to spiral out of control as a series of events unfurled that would change Kate’s life. Suddenly all she gained was lost and only one thing haunted her memories, slowly being hooked and drawn into the same sort of situation that destroyed her life years before Kate was faced with loving and losing someone all over again.

In-between the beginning of the story and the and the middle (what would be considered brunch at mealtimes) I though the book suffered from a dead beat patch, were everything was just a little bit too sickeningly sweet for my taste, but, as I said, I did quickly resettle into the book once again.

I would recommend this book to any fans of Finding Sky or The Dark Divine. I think that a dark romance is the best way to sum up this book and anyone of the age 12+ I think would enjoy it.

Overall, I did enjoy Die for Me although I think that the flat part let the book down, however, I would recommend the book!

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