Alice's Review of Die For Me

Alice's Review of Die For Me

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Atomic: Alice

Age: 17

What can I say? I totally loved this book. I have never been an avid fan of paranormal romances. I feel everything is too sudden and just fake. Die For Me felt like a whole new take on the undead.

First of all I loved the concept of the revenants instead of vampires or zombies. It felt very original and I will admit to having no idea what they actually were. I don’t want to give anything away but it was a really interesting take on paranormal.

I liked Kate a lot. I thought she was interesting and despite her parents dying she wasn’t too distraught that she wasn’t able to engage me. Vincent, the love interest was superb. I thought he was mysterious, sexy and yes, French! I was really intrigued by him and his involvement in the revenant world.

The additional characters were good too. I liked Kate’s sister Georgia. I really respected her relationship with her sister. I did find her to be a little irresponsible at times but that can be overlooked. Similar to Twilight there were a collection of revenants at the house where Vincent lived that has been found and saved so to speak. Yes, a little twilightesque but it didn’t bother me. They were all really interesting and brought something interesting to the novel.

The plot was a good pace. I enjoyed it from the beginning as Vincent got me really curious. I got more and more drawn in as the plot went along and I really enjoyed what I was discovering. It is full of action; swordfights, villains, kicking bad guy butt! I enjoyed it immensely.

The ending wasn’t too cliffhanger-y which I liked. It was a nice, simple ending after a climax so I felt it was suitable. I am very excited to read the next instalment which it comes out.

If you want a different kind of paranormal romance then I think this is the book for you! It made me love it all over again!

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