Alfie's Nightshade Review

Alfie's Nightshade Review

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Atomic: Alfie
Age: 12

I thought the book was OK but not quite right for me. However, I can see that it would appeal to fans of the Twilight Saga. I'd also feel quite embarrassed reading this in public because the packaging seems to be aimed at girls. It might be a good idea to launch books like this in male and female versions – similar to the double versions of the Harry Potter books. The plot itself makes sense but it could use more explanation and back story as there are creatures (like the wraiths) who are not explained at all (except from the fact that they're terrifying) and events in the history of the book are very clich├ęd like the great schism. Basically the story is a werewolf-meets-a-boy love story which is very close in structure to the Twilight genre (with the main difference that the supernatural being is female).I didn't find the main character hugely believable but the overall book was well written – just not quite right for me.

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