Adorkable reviews from Samina, Eileen, Alex and Laura

Adorkable reviews from Samina, Eileen, Alex and Laura

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Atomic: Samina

Age: 15

Love, Hate, Whatever!

This book really is 'adorkable'.  It puts dorkiness and girlishness together to create an awesome book. This book just leaves you with a smile on your face. 

Jeane Smith is a blogger, a tweeter, loves wearing wacky clothes and has a dream to open up her very own adorkable business. Adorkable is practically her life. 

Micheal Lee (love the name by the way!) is popular, captain of the football team and would never be seen with a dork.

It’s so up-to-date to what most teenagers would do now: go on Twitter, Facebook that you would not expect Two complete opposites to be so attracted with each other, so why are they unexpectedly drawn together?

I hadn't read many books in a long time since i had to revise (still do :(   ) but this book was definitely a brilliant book to start of my book phase again. I just love how this book leaves you wanting a bit of dorkiness in your life. It's got me wanting to buy a pair of bright green tights! 

Now all I can say is: where is the second book?   :)


Atomic: Eileen

Age: 15

Jeane Smith is a fabulous, quirky character and I love her. Adorkable was a fantastic read and I didn't set it down once, it was funny and kept me entertained for a good few hours as I laughed along with Jeane's sense of humour. Adorkable was just my cup of tea and I really think everyone else should 'totes' give it a go.


 Atomic: Alex

Age: 17

Adorkable follows the story of Jeane Smith and Michael Lee, two A-level students at opposite ends of the popularity spectrum.  Jeane is a dork and she has embraced this, she expresses herself constantly through her blog and to her 500,000 Twitter followers.  She is also the CEO of her own lifestyle brand created from her powerful dorkiness.  Michael is the golden boy of the school, oozing popularity and supporting all the cool brands of clothing making him poles apart from Jeane.

Initially I found it difficult to get in to the novel. The novel switches points of view from chapter to chapter so within 30 pages or so you had the superior mind set of the two main characters cracked, or so you think you did. After 45 minuets of dedication I was hooked!

My favourite character of the book is Jeane.  All though she comes across as jumped up and cocky, chapter by chapter you slowly peal away the layers of her personality and you realise where all of the cockiness stems from and it becomes justified. Also because even though she seems to scream confidence where ever she goes, she never truly knows the extent of how much the small things she does changes people lives for the better.  

My favourite part of the book was the ending, I don’t even mean that in a nasty sarcastic way either! Even though throughout the book there is a steady stream of sarcasm and whit that made me laugh like I was a disturbed person on the bus home from college while reading, it all boiled down to a powerful message. Not to be judgemental, embrace yourself for who you are and not to change yourself into something that you are not for the sake of other people.

Overall I think this book is a great read. It quick and easy as there is no mind boggling plot and with Jeane’s wit and Michael’s straight talking you are never far from a chuckle. In my opinion the book isn’t a YA novel completely.  Some bits are not exactly explicit but they are the kind of things that I think a 12 year old shouldn’t read.  I would give it 4 stars! :)


Atomic: Laura

Age: 14

When choosing this book to review I was excited to find that it sounded like an original idea which related with teenagers to a higher standard. However, upon reading it I was slightly disappointed to discover that the plot was rather cliché and a tad boring; maybe it’s because I’ve gotten out of the stage of enjoying romance novels as much as I used to. Ending on a good note the author did a splendid job of using slang words and teenage terminology and this book would be most suited for girls fixated on teenage romance with a hint of angst and minor sex scenes.


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