Adorkable reviews from Annabelle, Sarah and Kate

Adorkable reviews from Annabelle, Sarah and Kate

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Atomic: Annabelle

Age: 17

I received Adorkable from Atom to read and review. When I first found out about this book, I thought it would be a very interesting read. After all I'm a geek and could probably relate to things in the book. It was a very different to what I expected. Although it is filled with wise advice which everyone needs.

Adorkable follows Jeane Smith, a blogger who owns her own lifestyle brand called Adorkable. She's a complete dork and she knows it. She makes it her own. She's comfortable with who she is and doesn't care about what others think until Michael Lee, the most popular boy in school starts talking to her. He tells her that he thinks, his girlfriend and her boyfriend are secretly seeing each other. And we soon find out that they are. Without her boyfriend Jeane's more alone then ever before, that is until she ends up snogging Michael Lee. From then on, they keep things completely a secret but they just can't leave each other alone.

I have to admit at first I really disliked the two main characters, Jeane and Michael. They were both too cocky and judgemental for their own goods. I even put the book down because they annoyed me so much. Even then the pull of the story was begging me to pick it back up and I did and I really enjoyed it. A few chapters in you get used to the characters and who they are. Jeane was very unique, she was bossy, cocky, loud and of course a dork. She would stand up for herself and show people it's ok to be different and I think this is a really serious topic in the modern world. Michael was the simple popular boy, he was also cocky but aren't all popular boys? He saw Jeane as a real person not some freak, although he did judge her, he still waited for her side of the story so he understood her background.

Adorkable is a cute and easy read. It flows easily and it doesn't make your head hurt thinking about the plot. It's a cute and quirky book which many teenagers can relate too. I especially loved the theme of character growth and finding out who you really are in this book. It was incredibly well done and something that everyone goes through. It also stresses the idea that it's ok to be different and honestly it really is. If Jeane was real then I think I would definitely be one of the thousands who followed her blog. She's the Queen of Dork and we need someone like that today who shows that being different is perfectly ok.

I need to inform you now, that this isn't a book for younger readers. It definitely contains content that isn't suitable for young people. Atom recommends you need to be at least 14 to read this book. I would even go on to say you need to be a year or two older than that but obviously it’s up to the individual.

Adorkable is a nice easy read which contains many words of wisdom that everyone needs in their life. I really enjoyed it, I didn't want to put it down. It's a cute story that many teenagers will enjoy.

4/5 Stars!!!


Atomic: Sarah

Age: 17

Adorkable was such a good read I literally just couldn’t put it down. For me this book has put my life into perspective, it has made me see that there are always going to be those cliques wherever you go, and how opposites can be the strongest attraction. I’m the same age as Jeane, going through the same social stresses, and this book has taught me not to stress over them and just be you. It’s an inspiring book, you get taken on this amazing journey and can see just where everyone is coming from, and get to see the perspective of another in modern day without the fantasy of it being vampires. I’d recommend this book to anyone (over the age of 14) who needs a bit of self-esteem and a pick-me-up, everyone should so read this book. I believe you’d love it as much as me.


Atomic: Kate

Age: 17

Adorkable was a very easy, fun read. I found it a little difficult to get into at first, as I didn't find the two main characters, Jeanne and Michael particularly relatable – they both appeared to be arrogant snobs – but as their story progressed and more of their personality was shown, it was hard to put the book down.

This book is very down-with-the-kids based, and I felt like the research into the way teenagers behave and act was very thorough in some parts, but also a little too stereotypical in others, which was slightly annoying, but was only like that in small parts.

I enjoyed the relationship between Michael and Jeanne, their obvious dislike for each other was at times hilarious, but I thought their relationship happened a little abruptly. They still had some serious issues with each other, so I don't understand why they wanted to be around each other so much. From the middle to the end of the book, however, I thought their relationship developed nicely, and it was sweet that Michael – originally being a prime example of everything she hated about teenagers – was the one to help her realise that she was the one with the issues, not everyone else.


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