Adorkable reviews from Alyssia, Summer and Kui-Lin

Adorkable reviews from Alyssia, Summer and Kui-Lin

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Atomic: Alyssia

Age: 14

Jeane is the girl in your class with the shocking fashion sense, the one who’s not afraid to argue with teachers and the one you slag off to your friends but secretly admire.

Michael is the guy in your school that everyone fancies, captain of the football team, reasonably intelligent and seriously good looking.

On paper they shouldn’t work but strangely enough they do.

When you first meet Jeane you’d think her bossy, cocky and weird and you’d be right. She’s all this and more. She’s also a trendsetter who has thousands who read her blog and follow her on twiiter but in real life she has very few friends. Michael and Jeane are thrown together when they find out their respective girl/boyfriends are cheating on them and thus their love/hate relationship begins.

Michael Lee hates Jeane she’s condescending, rude and to top it off she has ruined his relationship with his girlfriend. It’s no wonder why he accidently-on-purpose damages her bike and her in the process. Of course his sense of obligation means that he has to get her bike fixed and try to convince her to let him give her a ride to school while her bike is being repaired  which necessitates Michael  and Jeane spending time with each other and reluctantly getting to know one another. Soon they become friends of a sort and slowly we get to see what Jeane’s really like under all the layers.

Adorkable is written from both Jeane and Michael’s point of view and Manning tries – and succeeds in making it seem teenagerish. Adorkable is fun and easy to read and is a great, down to Earth book to read if your obsession with all things paranormal is cooling down – or even if you’re still in the midst of a paranormal phase.

5/5 – A fantastic book which many can relate to full of sarcasm and wit with a few pearls of wisdom thrown in for good measure. Sara Manning is an amazing author and Adorkable is a must-read.


Atomic: Summer

Age:  14

Adorkable is a funny, coming of age story that brings the dork out in everyone. It swaps between the two main characters points of view as they speed through this rollercoaster of a story. Jeane Smith and Michael Lee are seventeen years old and are both studying for A Levels at the same school but this is where the similarity ends. Jeane is a self-admitted dork, lives on her own and has a very unique fashion sense; the polar opposite of Michael who is the ‘star’ of the school and wouldn’t be seen dead in anything not from Jack Wills or Abercrombie and Fitch. So, you wouldn’t think these two would want anything to do with each other, and they don’t or at least they don’t in the beginning. This book follows the two of them as they struggle with their emotions and try to work out whether they have got something to hold on to.

I was really excited to receive this book in the post as it is the exact thing that I like to read. When reading the back I thought it looked really funny, so I dived in right away. I wasn’t disappointed. The first chapter is Jeane narrating and her witty comments and observations had me laughing. By the end of chapter two, you can easily distinguish the two characters separately and see how they think. Michael’s perspective is so different and it is nice to see the differences in the way they operate.

The storyline is really gripping and I finished the book in just over a day because I couldn’t wait to see what happened at the end and I wasn’t disappointed. The twist will leave you guessing right up to the last page and gasping out loud when your biggest questions are answered; Will Michael and Jeane get together?  Will Jeane really give up her inner dork?

This is the first book by Sarra Manning that I have read and it definitely won’t be the last. I look forward to reading more of her work and hope to see the sequel to Adorkable on the shelves soon.


Atomic: Kui-Lin

Age: 16

The book Adorkable by Sarra Manning, starts off slow and is written in first person. Although the chapters switch between the two main characters, which at first is a little confusing until you get into the flow of it, the story and plots are consistent and well-developed throughout the story.

The story focuses on a girl, Jeane, and her journey of finding and discovering herself. The story is shown from both her point of view and the other main character's – Michael.

Although the story has a few sub plots it mainly focuses on Jeane's journey to individualism, uniqueness, and finding herself, while along the way learning that it’s okay to be different.

Overall the book its self is somewhat amusing, with language aimed at 15-16year olds, and keeps the reader hooked throughout with unexpected turns and outcomes. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would love there to be a sequel as it seems the story is unfinished and can really go places. 


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