Aamina's Rosebush Review

Aamina's Rosebush Review

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Atomic: Aamina

Age: 14

Rosebush by Michele Jaffe is, to put it simply, an amazing book.  The title sums it up completely.  If you’re holding a rose the flower itself is gorgeous just like the book: there are parts that are full of beauty and are written amazingly. But as you trace your finger down the flower you come across the thorns, just like parts in the book where you feel pain for Jane as she learns more about that fatal night.

There aren’t many books that will keep you guessing right until the end. Just when you think you know exactly what’s going on the story starts to go on a different track and you become confused. The characters she uses develop through the book and are all unique. Personally I love Pete and the way he gets closer to Jane towards the end. However some parts are typical of the average book aimed at the teenage and young adult audience. For instance how Jane is stuck between three guys and the cliché about popular people.

 It’s a riveting, heart-pounding, twisty-turny experience but it’s not perfect. Maybe with a little more thought into the story it would have been even better. Nonetheless I enjoyed it and I think most teenage girls across the world would love it too.

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