Aamina's Review of Panic

Aamina's Review of Panic

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Atomic: Aamina

Age: 14

Panic by Jeff Abbott is truly a book that keeps you guessing at every other page. Each chapter will give you a new character, a new clue or a new point of view. You’re never sure which side to be on or who’s lying and that is one of the most necessary things in a book like this. Personally I enjoy romance and apart from the odd incredibly cute moment there isn’t much of it. so if you’re looking for an interesting read with a romance subplot this isn’t really it. However Jeff Abbott’s writing technique is enthralling, he provides just the right amount of detail to keep the reader interested but doesn’t drag on. And overall I would recommend this book to anyone in the young adult audience especially those boys who are looking for a book that isn’t paranormal or romantic in the slightest.

Rating 3.5/5

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