A day in the life of an editorial assistant

A day in the life of an editorial assistant

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Apart from littering my name here, there and everywhere on the Atom website, I do all sorts of other things that fill up my day at Atom Towers (don’t tell the rest of Little, Brown we call it that – ok?). In an ideal world, I would get to curl up on the sofa with our submissions…I’m very very lucky because sometimes that does happen! A big part of my job is to provide Sam, my editorial director, with an extra point of view about the manuscripts that agents send over. Because we’re such a small team, I also assist her with pretty much anything else that her busy schedule gets in the way of. That means I get to go to fun meetings (though often just to write minutes!), write blurbs, interview authors, research the YA market, discuss covers, liaise with freelancers… Then of course, there’s more admin-type stuff: I’m in charge of keeping our bookshelves tidy and up to date, keeping track of submissions and acquisitions, sending out mail to authors and agents, responding to readers and making sure the copyright page at the front of books is present and correct (eek!). Finally, (how could I forget) it’s me who does most of the Atom tweeting and website updating – though the others do get involved to make sure you don’t get bored of me! (Please don’t get bored. Pretty please?)

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