172 Hours: Reviews from Polly, Alice and Aamina

172 Hours: Reviews from Polly, Alice and Aamina

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Atomic: Polly

Age: 14

172 Hours on the Moon is about three teenagers and, with the help of several astronauts and months of training, their once in a lifetime trip to the moon. The teenagers are Mia, a Norwegian girl, Midori, a quirky girl from Japan and Antoine, a boy from Paris who wants to leave his ex-girlfriend behind.  Everything seems to be going okay but Mr Himmelfarb, an old man who used to work for NASA before he lost his memory, remembers  too late that something horrible was on the moon and no one should be sent up again.

When the teenagers arrive on the moon they head to DARLAH2, a recently discovered space base built in the seventies, but things start to go wrong. Food that was supposed to last years had gone off and the power and oxygen was running out quickly. Two astronauts went to fix the problem, but they never came back. The other astronauts admitted there was a DARLAH1 far away underground, so Antoine and a fellow astronaut head out to see if they can find supplies, but they disappear too.  The other two astronauts, Caitlin and Coleman kill themselves but before Coleman shoots himself he explains to Mia and Midori what really is on the moon.

The ending is completely different to what I expected, which made it an even more amazing book than I thought it would be. The slogan ‘Three of them will go on the trip of a life time. Only one will come back’ fits the story perfectly, but not in the way you would expect.

I really recommend that you buy this book because it kept me wanting to read it quickly and finish it so I could know what happened to the three main characters.



Atomic: Alice

Age: 18

172 Hours on the Moon was a wonderfully written book, full of suspense, fascination and mystery. From the very beginning I was intrigued by the plot and the further I got through the novel, the more secrets there seemed to be. Anyone who loves mystery, space and a touch of fear factor will really love this one!

The plot was so fascinating. I love Space and the idea of teenagers venturing up to the moon really attracted me to this book. From the start there are hints that things aren’t quite right with the intentions of the trip and there is a slow drip drip of information throughout the novel. However, it seems as though when one question is answered, two more are formed. I loved the suspense and mystery and this aspect held my attention whilst reading.

I liked all the main characters. Mia was probably my favourite, though. I felt attached to all of them, despite the 3rd person narration. The back stories of these characters really shaped them and allowed the reader to connect to them.

I knew the book looked a little sinister and the idea of things going wrong in Space is terrifying but I wasn’t expecting how eerie the book was. I definitely had trouble reading it at night before I went to bed.

Overall, I really really enjoyed 172 Hours on the Moon. I recommend it to those who are interested in Space and love a good mystery with a splash of scary thrown in!



Atomic: Aamina

Age: 15

172 hours on the Moon is a tale of people from different races, different ambitions and different reasons for wanting to go on the moon. This book is without a doubt unique.

I have never before heard of a book having even a slightly similar storyline. It’s most definitely not the paranormal romance that all girls are craving now. But it’s definitely not a bad substitute. After all there’s no harm in trying. For boys, the few of them that do tend to read, I’m sure will enjoy this book. The suspense filled moments will physically not allow you to put down the book and the creepiness of some parts will stay with you for the nights to come. 172 hours on the Moon highlights the possibilities of all that awaits in space and how everything out there is unknown and unreachable. It makes you think that anything is possible, it makes you believe.

Rating: 4/5 stars


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